Shikha Vijai

Shikha is a contemporary visual artist currently residing in Singapore. She specialises in creating realistic paintings using acrylics and mixed media on canvas, taking inspiration from her varied travels and her understanding of customs and cultures across the globe. Art for her is therapy, something that connects her to the inner self and to her surroundings. Though Shikha has been painting from a very young age, she took it up professionally while she was living in the UK which progressively led to her participation in a number of exhibitions like 'Art in Mind' at Brick Lane Gallery London, the Grid Art Fair, and London Visual Arts exhibit at London Heathrow Hotel. She continued her artistic journey on moving to Singapore in 2018 and went on to participate in the Affordable Art Fair Sg 2019 under the representation of Gnani Arts Gallery. Having lived in nine countries over the past twenty years and traveled through many more, Shikha feels the inner call to showcase, through her brush, the vastness and beauty that abounds - both in the geographical context and the myriad of cultures, customs and aesthetics that coexist. She like to bring out the beauty in the ordinary - the little streets, nooks and crannies that are so casually juxtaposed against the facade of modern day bling; somewhere slowly disintegrating and disappearing. Through her art she hopes to get people to treasure the diminutive with the vast, the vague with concrete, the old and rustic with the modern and polished. Pause for a moment and take in the beauty of the unassuming things around - as nothing is invincible.

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